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Welcome to Costa Rica Backpacking, the best guide for backpackers visiting Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is a nation in Central America, nestled in between Panama and Nicaragua in central America. Having both the Atlantic ocean and Pacific ocean frontage there are many beaches in Costa Rica.

The land of Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination for both backpackers and travelers looking for a relaxing and tropical vacation. With accommodation ranging from budget dorms to luxury hotels and exquisite resorts, Costa Rica does cover travelers on a broad budget. Since it is relatively close to Miami, Florida in America, Costa Rica remains a popular spot for Americans as well as visiting European holiday makers with a sense of adventure.

Costa Rica has miles of beaches on which to soak up the sun’s rays, from long sandy ones in Limon, to sheltered coves with coral reefs in Cabo Blanco and Herradura. But find the time to dust the sand off your feet and venture to the center of the country, and you’ll discover dense tropical jungle, volcanoes and mountains.

Costa Rica is known for some of the best surf in the world, especially when you have access to both the Pacific ocean and Atlantic ocean within hours drive of each other, so it’s not surprising the nation attracts surfers from across the globe who come in search of the perfect wave. Whether you’re a beginner looking to stand up on a board for the first time, or an experienced surfer looking to get barrelled on the reef breaks on the west coast, Cost Rica has waves for every level of surfer and swimmer the like.

From native customs and dance by the indigenous tribes to museum tours in the cities – Costa Rica can offer the traveler a unique cultural experience. The majority of the Costa Rican people are Roman Catholics and this is evident in their everyday life and by the sheer number of churches found throughout the country. Costa Rica can be regarded as a very spiritual place, and San Jose is becoming increasingly popular with tourists seeking a relaxing getaway holiday, not far away in the mountains many spa retreats and traditional healing eco tourism centers are emerging.

The country is known for its arts and crafts and is a haven for clothing and accessories designers, with a glamorous expat scene. Costa Rica is so very ‘now’ and is becoming increasingly  trendy, with luxury hotels, boutique shops, organic delis and ultra-chic sunset bars. A night out in Costa Rica can range from drinking Imperial by the beach to wild nights out in chaotic Jacó, Playa Tamarindo, Playa Santa Teresa or Dominical.

If you’re looking for some cheap Central american food, grab some street food which usually consists of spicy chicken skewers. Sick of beans and rice? No problem. Costa Rica has few international restaurants often found inside resorts serving various kinds of food from Italian pasta to Japanese sushi. Oh and be prepared to have the best ‘Tres leches cake’ and ‘tostones’ of your life.

With a tropical climate, Costa Rica offers warm weather all year round which makes it a great destination for holidaymakers looking for sun, sea and pumping surf. What’s more, the Costa Rican people are very accommodating and are helpful, making it a great place for backpacking.

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