Best Costa Rica Backpacking Route

Backpacking in Costa Rica remains a popular pursuit. That’s because dedicated Costa Rica backpackers know about the top Costa Rica backpacker destinations: the places where beds and beverages are cheap, the friendship abundant and the scenery unforgettable. Most people pull to hop over to new places and the excitement of seeing some of nature’s most amazing landscapes. The fun of hearing whispers among my animal friends that people always say Costa Rica as one of their favorite places. There are endless activities, beaches like paradise and lots of interesting wildlife. It’s a place that many travelers happily revisit over and over.

There are many backpackers exploring the beauty of Costa Rica, and each of them had their own travel tips to share. Here are some tips put together with my own tips to develop a guide for new, and returning, Costa Rica backpackers to know about the top Costa Rica backpacker destinations: the places where beds and beverages are cheap, the friendship abundant and the scenery unforgettable.

  1. San Jose

San Jose is the capital city of Costa Rica, and has been a very great spot for backpackers to start their adventure because it serves as a convenient base for visitors that want to get to popular destinations, such as the Irazú and Poás volcanoes. Costa Rica’s main Ticabus terminal is located in San Jose, for backpackers heading to other Central America. . I recommend that you plan to stay in San Jose for one to three days depending on your preferences.

  1. Playa Jaco

Jaco Beach has been the most famous beach because of its waves, but surfers aren’t the only budget travelers Jaco attracts. Jaco’s hostels and backpacker haunts are always crowded with diverse, friendly travelers. Playa Jaco hostels and budget hotels are cheap and affordable.

  1. Osa Peninsula

This place is one of the best places for budget travelers and adventurers! It’s definitely off the beaten path and there is lots of hiking and wildlife galore! Many backpackers chose to come here. The Osa Peninsula is filled with gorgeous secluded beaches and miles of jungle trails. Here you will find lots of Macaw Parrots flying freely and close-up!

  1. Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is really a sweat place to visit because backpackers are excited to see near perfect beaches and amazing jungles, and Manuel Antonio won’t disappoint! If you’re on a budget, you can stay in the nearby Quepos which also offers affordable nightlife. There are usually so many guides along the trail you can look where they’re pointing at in the trees and see quite a bit of wildlife.

  1. Monteverde

The high altitude in Monteverde results in the forest being covered in a steady stream of clouds, and moisture, which helps support a diverse eco-system. The accommodation is a little bit high, so many Costa Rica backpackers prefer to stay at nearby Santa Elena, because accommodation is cheap there.

  1. La Fortuna and Arenal Volcano

La Fortuna through is where many travelers will arrive, in the famous Jeep Boat Jeep combo from Santa Elena/Monteverde. La Fortuna is located at the foot of the Arenal Volcano, which you can climb for an up-close glimpse at some fiery magma. If you are absolutely just dying to get to the fancy hot springs for some really HOT water, then we recommend just going for the day. There are plenty cheap accommodation as well as food.

  1. Liberia

Liberia isn’t such a great place like that; but many Costa Rica backpackers stay there because of its central “crossroads” location at the northeast edge of the Nicoya Peninsula, as well of its possession of the only Costa Rica international airport outside San Jose.

  1. Puerto Viejo

If you are looking for cheaper accommodation prices, less crowds, and underexplored natural attractions. Puerto Viejo, south of Limon offers backpackers leisurely days and lively nights, as well as accessibility to other Caribbean hotspots.

  1. Nosara

When you are a bit tired on your travels, head to Nosara and just try not to relax. Stretch out your muscles with a yoga class, or take a surfing outing. After a day of taking in everything that Nosara has to offer with its three beaches, kick back and experience some of the most amazing sunsets you’ll ever see. This is a great a silent place.

  1. Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a tiny beach village that draws in a lot of surfers and beach bodies. In the last several years, this laid-back town has blossomed into a booming travel destination. Despite its size, Santa Teresa has been hailed as world-class surfing spot in Costa Rica – with gorgeous white sandy beaches and swells that put a smile on surfers’ faces year-round. Besides surfing, Santa Teresa packs a variety of things to do. Many visitors enjoy horseback riding, hiking and canopy tours. This village couldn’t be better for spending some R and R with the family on its cozy beaches.

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