La Paz Waterfall Gardens

la paz waterfall gardens

If you are nature lover and want to discover the heart of Costa Rica then visiting La Paz and taking selfie with the waterfall gardens in the background is a must do. The La Paz waterfall gardens is an hour from San Jose in the central highland region of Costa Rica. It really is an incredible place to visit and is set on the slopes of the active Poas Volcano.

When visiting the Waterfall gardens please note that the waterfall is actually inside an ecological fun park which you have to pay for. Fortunately it is all one price to enter and you can spend as long as you want in their. There is much to see, so be prepared to take at least a day to explore it and pack your walking boots, not your flip flops. There is an abundant amount of hiking trails through the cloud forest for you to discover water rapids, waterfalls, many exotic birds, viewing platform to see the monkeys, jaguars and other large cats. There is a hummingbird and butterfly garden also inside the La Paz waterfall gardens. If you are visiting for the day and forgot to pack lunch then you can enjoy a meal in a beautiful open-air restaurant.

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