Long term in Costa Rica

Living in Costa Rica long term can be a well worth change although it can isolate yourself from your home-town and all your old friends and family.
Social media is an essential part of communicating in the times of today. We are now able to connect with friends, family and distant relatives through many different applications and software on our computers. Sending a message from this paradise oasis back to the smog -ridden cities of where our families are has never been easier.

You can now send a casual tweet, upload a photo from your adventure on Instagram with a message to your brother or sister to show your parents. Social media is a way of staying in touch with loved ones. Consequently staying in a Spanish speaking central American country like Costa Rica has never been easier. That is of course when you do have a good internet connection. Nowadays in Costa Rica many hotels, and resorts alike have this vital piece of infrastructure. Even though as times it may not be as fast as you would of liked.

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