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Transport in Costa Rica

Transport in Costa Rica is somewhat better than what you would expect in a Central American Country. There is a public bus transport system and loads of private enterprise filling in the rest of the market. With so many enterprising young Costa Ricans, there is an abundant of private ‘illegal taxis’ operating in the country. This is not a big problem out in the countryside but in the city centers this can be a problem when law enforcement swoop. This is not a nice experience when you are the passenger of one of these ‘illegal taxis’ often left with all your belongings on the side of the road for hours.


Taxis are present in Costa Rica, but similarly in other central American countries there are things to be aware of when catching a taxi. In Costa Rica the only legal Taxi’s are red in colour with a yellow triangle on the side. There is an official Taxi Application that the Costa Rican’s have built which is available for your phone that can help you check the correct charge for your fare. Click here to view it.

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There is a local bus system which is cheap. For example the cost of catching the bus one-way from San Jose to Manual Antonio which is a 3.5 hr journey would be just short of $10. Be careful of putting your belongings in the overhead storage area of the bus. Keep your belongings on you at all times.

Rental Cars

Rental car companies are present in all tourist cities and towns of Costa Rica. Also around both international airports in San Jose and Liberia. There are so many car rental companies that pop up in Costa Rica, that the Costa Rican chamber of commerce has published the official list of Car rental companies so to help tourists to make a more informed decision. The link to this list can be found here.

Shared Van Shuttles

Cheaper than taxi’s, these van shuttles run between some of the more popular destinations in Costa Rica. They often pick up/drop off from Hotels and resorts and other popular landmarks. They are often quicker and easier for many tourists to get around the country. Be sure to ask for discount rates for your scheduled journey. One of the better Shared Van shuttle services available in Costa Rica is

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